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Phone: 400-6633-103
Address: 2402 World Trade Center (South Tower) No.375, HuangShiDong Road.Yuexiu, Guangzhou, CHINA.

    Your opinions are important to us. Whether it is a simple question or a valuable suggestion, we are here 24/7. You can call us by phone or email us directly.

    Address: 2401, 2402 World Trade Center (South Tower) No.375, HuangShiDong Road.Yuexiu, Guangzhou,

    CHINA: Tel: 400-6633-103

    Email: [email protected]
    Baiyun Hotel 白云宾馆站
    Station # 1 225、256、278、280、290、545、886, 高峰2、高峰31、夜105
    Station # 2 6、125、191、219、220、233、245、833、 夜5、夜14、夜15、夜25、夜41、夜56、夜77、夜88、夜89
    Station # 3 63、189、810、节假日14、高峰4
    Station # 4 B2、B2A、B10、10、30、201、301A、482、550、862B、节假日2、高峰47、夜4

    All these buses will arrive at our office. Baiyun Hotel Bus Station is divided into 4 parts. Each of them are on 2-3 minutes walking distance from our office.

    Date Week Holidays
    1 Jan to 3 Jan Fri to Sun New Year Of Holiday
    11 Feb to 17 Feb Thu to Wed Spring Festival
    3 Apr to 5 Apr Sat to Mon Ching Ming Festival
    1 May to 5 may Sat to Wed Labour day Holiday
    12 Jun to 14 Jun Sat to Mon Dragon Boat Festival
    19 Sep to 21 Sep Sun to Tue Mid-Autumn Festival
    1 Oct to 7 Oct Fri to Thu National Day Holiday

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