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Notarization is increasingly used by the ordinary people in civil and economic fields, such as the notarization of overseas education certificate and no criminal certificate. At Solutions Consulting we provide the following services:

Diploma Certification: How to Do It in China

One of the necessary documents to apply for a work visa in China is the degree certificate of the applicant, and this document also needs to be certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad or by the embassy or consulate of the country where the applicant obtained the degree or by the Chinese academic certification agency.

There are two methods for academic certification:

1. Applicants go back to their home country for certification, but it usually takes a long time and a large amount of money, which is inconvenient in general.
2. Apply in China , no need the original passport, the original education. In addition to the basic personal information, you need to provide a two inch electronic photo and a report card (in order to better verify the applicant’s professional field). 
Processing time: 10-15working days 
In some countries, there is no clear indication of [bachelor’s degree] or [Master’s degree], for example, in Russia, only the expert’s certificate will be written on the academic certificate, so it is impossible to determine which level the academic degree belongs to in China. 
At this time, we need to do a [equivalent degree] certification, which is also online processing. 
In this way, we can avoid the failure to obtain a work visa in China due to different education systems.
After obtaining the certificate issued by the China Ministry of education, you can directly use this certificate to apply for a work visa in China.
In addition! Please do not provide false materials. If you provide false application materials or false information, your reputation and dishonesty will be exposed to the public! So please be honest and trustworthy to successfully handle the diploma certification.

Non-Criminal Record

Some foreigners need to return to their home countries or third-party countries after working in Guangzhou for a period of time. At this time, they may be asked to provide the applicant’s criminal record proof in Guangzhou.

Application for certificate of no criminal record

Conditions for handling certificate

Foreigners who have lived in Guangzhou and other cities in Guangdong Province for more than 6 months (the system can query the accommodation registration information and the residence time is subject to the residence registration time of foreigners), can apply for the certificate of no criminal record. You need to apply in person.

 Information required

1) The original passport and the passport used during the period of applying for no criminal record
2) Photocopy of accommodation registration form during the period of applying for no criminal record

Processing time

3 working days

What do you need to prepare for notarization

Information required

1) Original passport
2) Certificate of no criminal record issued by Guangzhou Public Security Bureau
3) Latest accommodation registration form
★ Non-criminal record certificate will not be returned after the notary office receives it ★

Processing time

7-10 working days

The data is not complicated and the procedures are not complicated! Handle it quickly! Give it to SOLUTIONS, everything will be easy.  

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