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Many foreign enterprises may enjoy legal protection on their products and services in China with their Trademark Registration application, and allowing their brands to secure sustainable footholds in the Chinese market. Meantime, we provide professional Trademark Registration services to help clients avoid any troublesome processes.

As a means of brand protection, Trademark Registration is taken very seriously by investors and business owners in every country. Brand protection and identity are specific protection, and different countries have their own requirements for Trademark Registration. Solutions Consulting provides trademark application and registration services for our clients. We provide all these services related to Trademark and Copyright which ensures us to build a good customer relation between the customer and our company.


When you want to register any Trademark in China, our Trademark Registration Attorney will check the availability of the name, logo or design and provide you with a professional suggestion. Secondly, we will send you an authorization of the Trademark Application letter, which must be duly signed by you and return to us. Then, we’ll open up The TM registration. Once the Trademark gets registered, you can start using the ‘R’ symbol in China. 

Do you know these differences

Many people think that the successful registration of a trademark is tantamount to having the copyright of the trademark, and can start a business with confidence. In fact, only the trademark is registered. Without copyright registration, you may not own the copyright of the trademark, and others can still apply for copyright registration.
Although copyright and trademarks are intellectual property, the two are different concepts. Here are some differences between copyright and trademark.
1. The applicant organization is different. Trademarks are applied for through the Trademark Office, and copyrights are registered through the China Copyright Registration Center.
2. The duration of protection is different. The term of a trademark is limited to 10 years, and a trademark renewal is required after the expiration. After the copyright is registered, the protection period is the author’s life and 50 years after death.
3. The content of protection is different. The trademark protects the different operators who provide the goods or services, and the trademark logo itself, which indicates the quality of the goods or services. Copyright is the protection of originals such as text, music, art, and scientific creation.
4. Trademarks are protected by category, and are divided into product trademarks and service trademarks; copyrights are not classified and are protected by law once registered.
In fact, copyright and trademark can be applied together, and copyright registration will not hinder the progress of trademark application. So what are the advantages of applying trademark and copyright together?


1) Registering copyright can protect trademarks more comprehensively, and make up for the lack of full registration of trademarks.
2) Copyright can prove the ownership of the trademark, so as to avoid future invalidation of the trademark due to the problem of ownership.
3)The copyright registration time is short. Before the trademark registration certificate is received, the copyright registration certificate can make up for the lack of slow trademark application time.

Benefits of applying for Copyright registration

1.The copyright is valid for a long time: the application in the name of an enterprise is 50 years after the first publication; the application in the name of an individual is the life of the author plus 50 years after his death.
2.The copyright registration time is short and the registration success rate is high.
3.The scope of copyright protection is wide. Copyrights are protected by law once registered.
4.It is conducive to reflecting the self-worth of the individual and the innovation strength of the enterprise, and enhancing its competitiveness.
5.Copyright trade can be carried out, including copyright transfer, license use, etc., so as to obtain economic benefits.
6.Protecting the author’s legitimate rights and interests helps to resolve copyright disputes caused by copyright ownership.

Documents of applying for copyright

1. A copy of the author’s identity certificate
2. Sample drawings of the works and instructions for the creation of works
3. Application form for copyright registration of works

What do you need for trademark registration

Trademark registration

1. Submit application materials. Including but not limited to application form, copy of identity certificate and trademark design.
2. Waiting for the examination and approval of the trademark office. Trademark examination requires acceptance, substantive examination, preliminary examination announcement, registration announcement, registration and other basic steps, generally need one to one and a half years.
3. For the certification of a registered trademark, after the period of the preliminary examination and the period of registration and announcement, the trademark office will issue a document to notify the successful registration of the trademark and issue the trademark registration certificate.

Important Things To Remember for Trademark

1. The black and white trademark registration is to apply for the trademark without specifying the color. After the application is successful, the trademark can be used in any color.
2. For the change of trademark, if the name or address of the trademark registrant is changed, the formalities for the change of trademark shall be handled promptly.
3. For the use of trademarks, TM can be marked for use after receiving the notice of trademark acceptance; After successful trademark registration, the trademark may be marked R for use.
4. The term of validity of a registered trademark shall be ten years. Where the registered trademark has not been renewed at the expiration of the period, the registered trademark shall be cancelled.
5. After the successful trademark registration, the trademark shall be used in accordance with the trademark registration style and shall not be changed at will.
Solutions Consulting have given us full support and sincere guidance in the whole process, and we are impressed by their quality and professional services.
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